Advanced Courses

A new type of specialized engineer is wanted by today’s industrial society. These engineers must be capable of tasks in research and development,where they have to find and solve problems by themselves,in addition to knowing traditional engineering practices. Responding to this social need,many engineering colleges have been establishing Advanced Courses since 1992. These are two-year-courses for graduates from the regular five-year programs of college education.

Nagaoka National College of Technology established advanced courses in Electrical and Mechanical Engineering,Materials Engineering,and Civil Engineering in April 2000. Every year the advanced courses accept 20 students. The Electrical and Mechanical Engineering course accepts 12 students,and the Materials Engineering and Civil Engineering courses accept 4 students respectively.

Graduates from the Advanced Course are granted Bachelor Degrees in Engineering by NIAD-UE (the National Institution for Academic Degrees and University Evaluation) based on report works and examinations.

Research presentation (Poster session) at the city hall in Nagaoka.