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International Exchange

1. International Students

 Nagaoka National College of Technology (NNCT) has been accepting international exchange students since 1985. Since then we have had over 48 graduates. At present, we have 6 students from Malaysia, 3 from Vietnam, 1 from Indonesia, 1 from Combodia and 1 from Laos.
 Most of our international students have come from Asia. Most come either through their own funding, or through national funding from their country of origin. Malaysian students typically have come through their country's national government grant. Malaysian students coming through a government grant are required to study Japanese in Malaysia for two years, upon which they are admitted to the school as third year students. Other international students are required to study Japanese for one year. These students are then admitted to NNCT as third year students.

Party with the international students
Party with the foreign students Party with the foreign students

Breakdown of Students' Tuition -- YEAR 2007 --

Items School Year
3rd 4th 5th Advanced Engineering Course
1st 2nd
Matriculation - - - 84,600 -
Basic Tuition 234,600 234,600 234,600 234,600 234,600
Student Council Membership 9,000 9,000 9,000 - -
Disaster mutual aid payment 1,520 1520 1,520 1,520 1,520
Textbooks and Other Materials 25,000 20,000 20,000 20,000 5,000

If you want any more information about the admittance of international students, please contact Academic Affairs Section, Student Affairs Division.

2. Academic Exchange

 Nagaoka National College of Technology has an academic exchange program with Heilonjian Hydraulic Engineering College and Tsinghua University. A recent research project related to earthquakes has been conducted with Tsinghua University.

The ceremony of the academic exchange agreement
(Heilongjiang Institute of Technology)

Visiting Heilongjiang Hydraulic Engineering College
in the respect