The conference will be held in Okayama, Japan at Sep.24-28, 2012, see here.

Financial Support

This project is supported by DFG (German side) and JSPS (Japanese side).

This Joint Research Project is a branch of Bilateral Programs of JSPS.

Topics of the Project

Topics of the project are:

Project Members

German Side

Rene L. Schilling (TU Dresden)
  • Anton Bovier (University of Bonn)
  • Jean-Dominique Deuschel (TU Berlin)
  • Alexander Grigor'yan (University of Bielefeld)
  • Martin Grothaus (University of Kaiserslautern)
  • Max K. von Renesse (University of München)
  • Michael Röckner (University of Bielefeld)
  • Wilhelm Stannat (TU Berlin)
  • Karl-Theodor Sturm (University of Bonn)

Japan Side

Masayoshi Takeda (Tohoku university)
  • Shigeki Aida (Tohoku university)
  • Ryoki Fukushima (Research institute for mathematical science)
  • Tadahisa Funaki (University of Tokyo)
  • Masanori Hino (Kyoto university)
  • Hiroshi Kawabi (Okayama university)
  • Takashi Kumagai (Research institute for mathematical science)
  • Kazumasa Kuwada (Ochanomizu university)
  • Kazuhiro Kuwae (Kumamoto university)
  • Hirofumi Osada (Kyushu university)
  • Ichiro Shigekawa (Kyoto university)
  • Yuichi Shiozawa (Okayama university)